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Alex and Eli are ready to walk down the aisle.

Of course, their story did not begin with wedding bells.


Before proposals, before planning out I dos, there was a boy and a girl living in completely different worlds.


He thought she was a hot mess. She thought he needed an attitude adjustment.

He was burdened by the past. She was crumbling under the weight of the present.

He dreamt of something better. She had lost the ability to dream at all.


Before the bride and groom to be, there was a boy who was just trying to get by and a girl who hid her secrets behind a mask.


Now, the boy who fell hard for the girl with all the secrets wants to make her his wife.

Now, they both want to leave the pain of the past behind.

Now, they are just hoping to reach a blissful, wedded harmony.

Harmony (Dissonance Series #2)
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